Playing Table Games

When you play table games you need to keep calm, be patient, and never got distracted by other players or non-gambling factors. Following these simple rules you can invest into your winning.

Winning the Pot

It is easy to become a winner of game pot! Learn the rules and follow strategies. Do not forget about tips and hints, and you will see that winning is very easy. Good luck!

Practice Skills

In order to play casino games successfully you should always master your skills. Play to understand what works for the particular game, and analyze your results to get more.

Free Slots Cleopatra

As far as slot games go, whether its online or real, land based versions, the title that most gamers or punters will instantly recognize is the world famous Cleopatra slot machine. The Cleopatra slot machine has been around for quite a while now and is by far one of the most popular and widely played slot games everywhere in Las Vegas. For those people out there that have not had the fortunate opportunity to experience this now classic game, if you are unable to get to a casino, don’t despair because there is also a version available as an online game.

The manufacture of Cleopatra slots, IGT, has an online arm called Wagerworks, they have recently released their online version under the same name, they have also extended this with an additional version called Cleopatra 2. As you can well imagine by now all three version of this exciting game remain a top favorite amongst both new comers and experienced players alike. There is also in addition, another version of the casino based Cleopatra slots, this one is called Cleopatra’s Gold.

How to Play Cleopatra Slots Free

Cleopatra slots works a lot like most slot machines, however, in case you have never played any slot games before, here is a brief explanation and run down, specifically related to Cleopatra Slots and its other versions. Firstly, Cleopatra Slots has five reels and twenty five paylines, paylines are lines that are literally drawn across the screen horizontally, vertically and diagonally, when certain symbols or combinations line up a prize is won, depending on the configuration once the reels have stopped spinning.

There are also various symbols with specific meanings. Cleopatra’s head serves as the wild symbol, it also substitutes any other symbol other than the scatter symbol. A cool feature is that when Cleopatra’s head symbol is involved in a win she actually smiles and winks at you! Another important symbol is the eye. When three or more are showing on the reels this will active a pyramid bonus round. Another scatter symbol to look out for is called The Cleopatra and when three or more of these show up it activates free spins. Collectively these scatter symbols are also known as the bonus symbols.



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